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Have you ever fancied a taste of a flamenco class? Just to see if you want to take the plunge and book a term of classes?

I understand it can be a big step to enrol in a class to learn something altogether new, but these 2 workshops provide a taste of the technique and will focus on posture, technique and footwork with a piece of choreography!

Everyone is welcome!! No experience necessary, either come to one or both. Book your space and come and enjoy a taste of Flamenco!!


Poster (Bonus Workshop) Due to the success of the first five events in the ‘Masters of the Flamenco Guitar Workshop Series’ Samuel has been invited to run an additional bonus workshop on the 24th of August 2019. During this workshop participants will explore with Samuel the unique musical language of: Ramón Montoya (1880 – 1949), Niño Ricardo (1904 – 1972), Diego del Gastor (1908 – 1973), Sabicas (1912 – 1990), and Paco de Lucía (1947 – 2014) in the context of the palo bulerías.

By attending this event participants will not only gain new ideas to help them bring the bulerías to life, but will also gain a much deeper understanding of how bulerías musical language has evolved from the 1920s to the modern day. Don’t miss out, book your ticket today!

Samuel Moore has transcribed all the material covered in this bonus workshop to a high professional standard directly from original recordings of the maestros. Much of this material is not currently available though printed publications on the commercial market and as such, this event is a unique learning opportunity for intermediate to advanced flamenco guitar students.

Additional Information

Those attending the ‘Masters of the Flamenco Guitar Bonus Workshop’ will leave it with a complimentary booklet for their own private study.

Workshop Prices

Active Participant Tickets: £55.

Observer Tickets: £35.

Workshop Locations & Times

11:00am – 3:30pm

Yorkshire College of Music & Drama

(1 St Mark’s Avenue, Leeds, LS2 9BN)

How to Book Tickets

You can book your tickets by contacting Flamenco de Leeds directly via email: flamencody@gmail.com

I am extremely excited to be bringing you a whole weekend of Bulerias de Utrera on 14th and 15th September 2019!!
The wonderful Natalia Garcia-Huidobro is bringing Pablo Dominguez and Jesule de Utrera for an absolutely unforgettable weekend of AUTHENTIC flamenco celebrating Bulerias de Utrera.
There are opportunities for everyone to be involved, either by attending the concert and being amazed by a wonderful performance, or our incredible workshops. For any novices or performers alike, Natalia will be leading a pre-concert workshop at Seven Arts at 6:30pm. These workshops have been extremely popular and really help you find your duende before the magic happens!
Tickets for the concert and pre-concert workshop are via Seven Arts and can be purchased here:
For those of you wanting to get more involved and really learn from these incredible performers we have some wonderful workshops for you. Dancers and guitarists are encouraged to look at the packages offered to include Cante as it will really deepen your understanding of the roots of this traditional palos.

Oh my goodness I have been so excited about this!!!!

JESÚS ÁLVAREZ LINARES , flamenco singer, best known in the history of flamenco with the artistic name of JESULE DE UTRERA, for being born in that beautiful flamenco town of Andalusia, Utrera (Seville) in 1974. He began his career in his homeland with Gaspar de Utrera, Fernanda and Bernanda, Pepa de Utrera and Bambino. It is part of numerous companies and flamenco groups such as Calle Nueva, Tres al Compás, Puro Flamenco, Cía. Antonio el Pipa, among others.
He worked with artists such as Ángela Españadero, Miguel Iglesias, Pedro Córdoba, Juan Ogalla, Pilar Távora, Fuensanta La Moneta, Carmen la Talegona, La Truco, among others. He also shows his show “Con Aires de Utrera”, and takes his most flamenco singing on stages around the world. From an early age he began his artistic career singing for the dance with the company Angela Españadero “El Flamenco” Toki in 2000.

Jesule is one of the greatest exponents of flamenco, a traditional rhythm of the golden Spanish lands of olive and orange groves. Utrera is, precisely, one of its favorite venues, belonging to the community of Seville, one of the Spanish provinces most crossed by rich cultural currents.
Jesule knows that he has the background of centuries of good flamenco. That’s why he travels the world as a cantaor. He was a beloved disciple of Enrique el Extremadura, teacher of teachers, who taught him the secret of the spell and the salt shaker.
Jesule will be teaching Cante workshops at Dance Studio Leeds in Bulerias de Utrera.

Saturday 14th September – 11am – 1pm – £20
Sunday 15th September – 2pm- 3pm – £10

Email flamencody@gmail.com to book a space. DO NOT MISS THIS UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY!!!

Natalia has been supporting Flamenco de Leeds since 2012 when she was introduced by Ruth Tejado.
Since then, she has been bringing unbelievable choreographies, awe inspiring performances and the creme de la creme of supporting artists!
This visit sees Natalia bring the ridiculously talented Pablo Dominguez on guitar and Jesule de Utrera, a singer so unique and authentic we have based the weekend workshops around Bulerias de Utrera!!!
Bulerias is wonderful, Bulerias de Jerez is fun, quirky and fabulous but Bulerias de Utrera is AUTHENTIC, just look at the legacy of Bernada y Fernanda de Utrera and see that this event is not to be missed!!!!
To get the most out of this workshop I fully recommend doing the Cante workshop with Jesule de Utrera to completely understand the difference and unique approach of Bulerias de Utrera.CANTE
Saturday 14th September 11am – 1pm – £20
Sunday 15th September 2pm – 3pm – £10DANCE
Saturday 14th September – pm – 4pm – £40
Sunday 15th September – 11am – 2pm – £40

Book the full weekend by 18th August for £95



This opportunity to work with Pablo learning Bulerias de Utrera is a unique opportunity in Leeds!
One of the most acclaimed spanish musicians in London. He delved into the world of Flamenco, Latin and Jazz from a very young age.
Born in Cadiz in a musical family, he delved into the word Flamenco and Jazz from a very young age. His father, Chano Dominguez, immersed him into a wealth of musical talent with names such as Tomatito, Luis de la Pica, Antonio Serrano, Piraña and Blas Cordoba.
Following this legacy, Pablo started training as a percussionist to then change path, choosing the guitar as instrument of predilection. After years of being self-taught, Pablo moved to Barcelona before crossing borders to London by the age of 21.
After graduating as a music technology specialist, he became more and more involved in London’s growing Flamenco scene and established himself as a resident guitarist at the iconic venue of Ronnie Scott’s. Also, seeking to develop his skills as a music technician he worked closely with his father on his latest CD and on a production for the Spanish TV channel Antena 3.
From one encounter to another, Pablo explore London’s buzzing music scene to its fullest, by joining different bands such as The Turbans (Percussion), Trovador (guitar) and Maria camahort quintet (percussion). Broadening his horizons, Pablo also strums his guitar for Turkish band Djanan Turan and edges towards more classical music playing percussions for Maria Camahort Quintet.
On the side, Pablo also takes part in various initiatives such as Live Music Now and Breathe, Art Health Research; using his talent to strengthen his community engagements, offering live performances to those who would generally be excluded from this experience.
Currently Pablo continues exploring new genres and creative trends, while at the same time sticking to his musical roots of Flamenco and Latin Jazz.

In order to really immerse yourself in the palos I fully recommend attending the Cante workshops with Jesule de Utrera. A truly authentic Flamenco singer who will astound you!!

Saturday 14th September – 11am – 1pm – £20
Sunday 15th September – 2pm – 3pm – £!0

Saturday 14th September – 1pm – 4pm – £35
Sunday 15th September – 11am – 2pm – £35

Book the full weekend by 18th August for £85

Looking forward to seeing you there, this will be a weekend full of amazing flamenco, don’t miss out!!
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chloegrayson.com_0141I have been so very excited about this event, I am a bit giddy!
As you probably already know, the LEGEND that is the wonderful Juan Martin is playing at the City Varieties on 30th October 2019 as a trio.
As he is incredibly generous with his time and knowledge he has offered to come and teach some workshops looking at accompanying singers and dancers.
There will also be a dance workshop along with guitar workshops and is fully participatory unless you would prefer to observe.
Juan’s workshops are generally more lessons so this is an amazing opportunity to learn directly from the master!
If you have been attending the accompanying sessions with Tom and Allie this is ideal to see if from the perspective of an internationally acclaimed legend!!
An incredible opportunity to learn how to accompany as guitarists, singers or dancers with LEGENDS Juan Martin, Luisa Chicano and Amparo Heredia ‘La Repompilla’ either as a full participant or observer.
Friday 1st November – 7:30pm to 9:00pm – £25
Lecture/lesson with Juan about how he approaches accompanying cante and baile. Guitarists are encouraged to bring guitars and EVERYONE encouraged to bring pen and paper!
Open to EVERYONESaturday 2nd November – 12:30 – 2:30pm – £35
12:30 – 1:00pm – Juan will give an overview of the lesson and explain the palos for the session.
1:00 – 2:00pm – Luisa teaches a dance class (Intermediate/Advanced)
Juan teaches a guitar class
(Open level)
2:00 – 2:30pm – Everyone rejoins for an overview.
Enthusiasts and Observers welcome.Full 2 days is £60 – EARLYBIRD OFFER…….book by 10th September 2019 for £55.

To book email flamenco de Leeds – flamencody@gmail.com

Send payment to
Flamenco de Leeds
Sort code: 30-96-26
Account number: 45097160

I hope to see you there!
Vanessa Matthews
On the 6th April 2019 we are honoured to be hosting Cus-cus Flamenco from Granada. They have been incredibly popular in the Tablaos and have incredibly successful careers in their own right, and are bringing their skills to the UK for a short tour with workshops here in Leeds.
This will be a very rare opportunity to work with these performers, please read their bios!!!
Not heard of them before?? That is because they have been busy touring elsewhere and this is their first trip to the UK!! Don’t miss out…….
11am – 2pm – Dance (Bulerias) workshop with Irene la Seranilla for Intermediate/Advanced level = £30

Irene La Serranilla was born in Madrid. From a young age she studied flamenco dance, and continued her studies in Granada and Seville, where she learnt from some of the best masters, including Juan Amaya, La Farruca, Patricia Guerrero, La Moneta and Manuel Liñan. She has been dancing in the best “tablaos” in Madrid and Granada for over eight years. Her style of dancing is both traditional and expressive, and she teaches flamenco dance in her own school in the traditional Albaycin quarter of Granada, placing the main focus of her classes on the comprehension of the language of flamenco as an art form, and also the pleasure of dancing.

2pm – 4pm – Guitar workshop with Lolo de la Encama for all levels = £20

Lolo de la Encarna was born in Granada, and obtained a degree as a teacher from the University of Granada. He started to play flamenco guitar at the age of eight. He studied with renowned guitarists Luis Mariano and José Jiménez “El Viejín”, and also took courses with Rafael Riqueni. Lolo has accompanied a number of artists both from Granada and outside the province. He has worked both on a national and international level, giving concerts and workshops in Switzerland, Tunisia, Morocco, Georgia and Germany, amongst others. He is much sought after by both singers and dancers, as well as a soloist. He currently teaches flamenco guitar and works in the “tablaos” of Granada, as well as collaborating with various flamenco groups.

1pm – 2:30pm – Arab Andalusian singing with Hamid Ajbar = £15

CusCus Flamenco is led by singer/violinist Hamid Ajbar, originally from Morocco, but based in Spain for over twenty years. He grew up in a musical environment in his hometown of Chefchaouen, which boasts a direct legacy of Andalusian music, transmitted through generations ever since the expulsion of the Muslims from Spain. He studied both Andalusian and Arab singing for over ten years, and has won several prizes on a national level in Morocco for his singing. He has collaborated with some of the greatest flamenco artists including the late Paco de Lucia, Carmen Linares, Jose Merce, and El Lebrijano. He has taken part in several festivals in Mexico, Switzerland, Portugal, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Spain, and is currently planning a UK tour for next year.

2:30pm – 4:30pm – Flamenco singing with Alberto Funes = £20

Alberto Funes is a flamenco singer from Granada who was one of the first to graduate in the Cristobal de Morales Conservatory of Seville under the modality of flamenco song. He continued his studies with El Pele, Paco Taranto, Marina Heredia and Calixto Sanchez, amongst others, and has taken part in many festivals and events worldwide, including the Flamencura Festival in Moscow, the Biennale in the Netherlands and others.

Bookings for the concert are with Seven Arts here:
Workshops can be booked by emailing flamencody@gmail.com.
If you want any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Cuscus poster








On 18th and 19th January 2019 we have the wonderful Ruth Tejado visiting from Madrid.

Ruth will be teaching 2 workshops to bring us a glorious Tangos choreography to perform at the Pena held in her honour at Seven Arts on 19th January.

Times are:

Friday 18th January – 7:30 – 9:30 pm

Saturday 19th January – 11:00 – 15:00

Dance Studio Leeds, Macaulay Street, LS9

Full 6 hours is £55 with an earlybird offer of just £50 if paid by 1st December 2018.

Aimed at Intermediate to Advanced level.





We are thrilled to announce the return of Natalia Garcia-Huidobro. This time she brings with her Ramon Ruiz and Julio Lopez  to bring a spectacular feast for the eyes and ears!

We are also running a pre-show workshop suitable for EVERYONE! Complete beginners and aficianados alike can start the show with some words of wisdom and teachings from one of our favourite visiting performers.Seven Arts poster 1


Seven Arts poster 1On 7th July 2018 we are extremely excited to be hosting workshops at Meanwood Community Centre. Natalia Garcia-Huidobro will be teaching a dance workshop from 12:00 – 14:00, this is aimed at intermediate/advanced level and the palos will be Cana.

This workshop is £35 but we are offering an earlybird discount price of £30 if booked before 20th June 2018.

There is also a Cante (singing) workshop with Julio Lopez from 14:30 – 16:00 which is £20 or £15 under the earlybird offer.

Please email us at flamencody@gmail.com if you are interested in the workshops and we will happily book you a space.



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