It has taken me a while to be able to sit down and write the mailshot since our time of isolation, for that I must firstly apologise.
I hope this email finds everybody coping with the current lockdown. These are extraordinary times and I have found it difficult to take in what is happening let alone adjust! But we must try, and I have been finding ways to continue to bring Flamenco in a positive way and keep a structured approach.
It has been with much sadness that all of the summer events have been cancelled.This Saturday would have been our weekend with Marcos Morales, Ramon Ruiz and Carlos Lobo, but I have provisionally rearranged their visit for 31st October all being well. We will have to wait and see when we are in a position to feel comfortable to gather again and flight restrictions are lifted.
Saturday Treat!
I have arranged for this Saturday our friend Jose to play and sing live on the Flamenco de Leeds facebook page from 7:30pm. If you attended the Grand Pena on 25th January you will remember Jose!!
This is a pay as you feel situation, you can donate to artists in lockdown if you can afford it.
Jose will also be teaching some Cante classes in the coming weeks, come and learn how structure works and sing along!
Weekly classes are returning!!
I have looked at many options for running the classes but it seems that Zoom is the way to go.
As we are not paying for studio fees we are offering a £5 rate for classes just to ensure the teachers are paid for their choreography and continued support.
Allie will be keeping the friday sessions going as they have been, and Candy is continuing the Wednesday sessions.
Most people seem to want the times kept the same to keep the routine as it was, please let me know if you have any alternative ideas or preference about this.
I will also be offering a new Advanced level class with Antonio Villena Gonzalez for those who want to be pushed harder! Day and time to be confirmed…..
Antonio was going to be teaching for me here in Leeds but had to return to Spain before lockdown. With his return unlikely, we need regular teachers who are present to fully support and nurture once we are back in the studios.
Classes will start next week, get in touch if you want to dance with us again!
Unmissable Opportunity!
One of our dearest and loyal supporters Natalia Garcia-Huidobro has put together some workshops and classes and will be coming to us live from Chile to deliver a series of unmissable sessions!!
Natalia is an incredible teacher and will be teaching structure and theory, along with choreography for dancers.
The theory and structure will be useful for everyone!!
I will be setting up events for Natalia in the coming weeks to begin in May.
I hope to hear from you all very soon, I have missed everyone very much and seeing people via a screen is better than not at all.
Keep well,
Kind regards
Vanessa Matthews
Flamenco de Leeds