Marcos Morales Makes His UK Debut!!


This update feels like it has been a long time coming. Marcos was originally booked to come to Leeds in April 2020, we then rebooked for October 2020 thinking the pandemic should be over by then – then postponed until we felt comfortable in making plans to go ahead.

So here we are. If you haven’t googled Marcos Morales yet – go ahead!! He is a unique dancer who has such heart and soul in his performance he brings something incredibly special. I guess it is Duende but he reflects an incredible strength and vulnerability at the same time which makes him utterly entrancing and magical to watch.

As if that wasn’t enough to make you drop what you are doing and immediately buy a ticket – he will be accompanied by the fabulous Ramon Ruiz and Juan El Juana!!

Ramon is a guitarist who has such a wealth of experience he is able to bring his own style and flavour to a show, it is a real honour to welcome Ramon back to Leeds after his visit in 2018.

We also welcome Juan El Juana, a singer making a big noise in Seville right now! He has been working with some amazing artists and it’s really exciting to have him perform for us.

This trio will be wonderful, traditional Flamenco performed with real heart, soul and passion.

And there’s more………..we are also bringing WORKSHOPS!!!

These artists are not only talented, but also really REALLY lovely people and fantastic teachers.

Below is the timetable and price list for the workshops. There really us something for everyone!

Palmas and Cante are open to people with no experience at all to afficionados. All are welcome and they are great fun.

Guitar and dance choreo are intermediate level and dance technique requires at least 1 year experience.

Don’t delay!!!! Book your space – these events are very special and not to be missed.

Tickets for the concert at SevenArts can be found via the link below:


Vanessa Matthews

Flamenco de Leeds